Welcome to egota church

Welcome to Egota Church. Thank you for your interest in our faith community. We invite you “come and see“ -- to share with us in worship, growth, fellowship and ministry. Experience the presence of God in an atmosphere of openness, inclusiveness and affirmation. We are committed to a faith community of “open minds, open hearts, open doors.” We look forward to welcoming you to our church family.

Our mission

Mission Statement

We are a Christian Church offering worship and fellowship to a congregation, supporting the needs of the community, providing an open and friendly atmosphere to share our joys and concerns, offering Christian education to our members and community, encouraging the development and growth of the individual’s potential, and providing a place to improve and grow in our spiritual life as we share Christ’s love and follow Christ as our personal Savior.




Profile: Mr. Junichiro Kanbayashi, Pastor

Name: Mr. Jyunichiro Kanbayashi

Birth of year and place: In 1940 and Osaka

Academic career: Master of Arts of theology at Doshisha


                 Pastor for Waseda Church, Agatsuma Church and

                             Matsuyama Church